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The Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA) Consultancy synthesized existing data and undertook  a gap analysis which led to new inventories/ assessments,  as well as setting-up a meta-database for biodiversity information in Seychelles.

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Below is a list of full references for recent publications that were made available at the  SIF symposium which was held on 23rd April 2015 and further is a selection of papers that are open access.


Harper, G. A. and Bunbury, N. (2015) Invasive rats on tropical islands: Their population biology and impacts on native species. Global Ecology and Conservation, 3: 607–627.

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van Dinther, M., Bunbury, N. and Kaiser-Bunbury, C. N. (2015) Trial of herbicide control methods for sisal (Agave sisalana) in the arid island environment of Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles. Conservation Evidence, 12: 14-18

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2014_Kaiser-Bunbury_etal_YCA invasion in Seychelles UNESCO site_Neobiota


2015_Harper&Bunbury_Invasive rats on tropical islands_GECCO_final

2015_vanDinther_etal_Sisal control on Aldabra_ConservEvid

Conserv Evid_Sur_etal_Aldabra Rail reintroduction effectiveness_2013

267_Parks_Improving sustainable operation of a WHS_2013_Quanz_etal

Seychelles Fishing Authority has its own  Documentation Centre. This  has a repository which is operational within the SFA network. The SFA’s aim is to make the repository available online before the end of 2015 to facilitate access to SFA publications and other reports relating to marine resources of Seychelles. Unfortunately, not all publications in this database will be accessible to the public due to copyright issues.

However, for references of SFA publications and other reports relating to marine resources of Seychelles, this link, which is similar to the SFA repository, can be accessed:

For published documents relating to any GOS-UNDP-GEF project, go here.