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National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs) are the principal instruments for implementing the Convention at the national level (Article 6). The Convention requires countries to prepare a national biodiversity strategy (or equivalent instrument) and to ensure that this strategy is mainstreamed into the planning and activities of all those sectors whose activities can have an impact (positive or negative) on biodiversity.

Seychelles is highly devoted to fulfilling its national obligations specified under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). The country’s first NBSAP, the Biodiversity Assessment and the first National Report were funded by GEF and WWF and facilitated by UNEP. Technical assistance for implementation was provided by IUCN (Worldwide Conservation Union as it was then).

The first Seychelles’ NBSAP accomplished the following:

1. Summarized the descriptive data and information from the Biodiversity Assessment,

2. Identified the country’s vision for biodiversity

3. Identified also the objectives, needs, gaps and actions that were needed to bridge those gaps.

A timetable for action was also provided with a period plan for 5 years. This included funding requirements, project descriptions and a list of partner organisations that would have been involved in the implementation.

The first NBSAP was submitted to the CBD in 1998.

For a pdf version of Seychelles First NBSAP, go to Seychelles 1st NBSAP.

Seychelles’ second NBSAP 2015-2020 has been prepared through an iterative process of stakeholder consultation and approval. A draft was written during 2012 and 2013. Following international independent review of the draft, it was decided to re-align its content to the CBD’s Aichi Biodiversity Targets, a process which was undertaken in mid-2014.

The second NBSAP addresses Seychelles’ obligations under Article 6a of the Convention on Biological Diversity and has replaced the first NBSAP as it is based upon a review of its predecessor and other preparatory documents addressing financing, capacity building and climate change-related biodiversity issues.

Seychelles’ second NBSAP has been approved by Cabinet of Ministers in early June 2015. For a pdf version of the Seychelles Second NBSAP, click here

Go to http://nbsapforum.net/ for a forum that provides support for action and implementation on NBSAPs through 2020,